Endowments Are Forever

If you wish to make a gift to CGCC that will last forever, consider making a gift to the CGCC Foundation general endowment fund or creating your own endowment.

Endowments for Scholarships

CGCC Foundation awards nearly $150,000 annually in scholarships to local students. CGCC Foundation’s endowment serves to support the area of greatest need, such as student scholarships. The Foundation awards scholarships based on financial need and the promise each student shows which is demonstrated by answers narrative questions. Financial need is defined as lacking sufficient funds to pay for education. The promise a student shows are defined as the circumstances a person has faced and/or accomplishments they have made, combined with their sense of direction and educational goals.

Columbia Gorge Community College continues to be the best start for many first-time college students. More affordable tuition, combined with top-quality instruction makes CGCC the place to begin or continue a college career.

Many students are working one or more jobs while balancing family, community, volunteer, and personal commitments at the same time they are attending CGCC. Scholarships make an incredible difference in students’ ability to complete their courses, get a job, or transfer to a 4-year University. When you help start a student on the road to success, you are making an important investment in our county’s future.

Gifts invested into the college foundation’s general endowment fund make an impact now and in the future, ensuring longevity of donor intent. Since an endowment’s principal is never spent, the funds create financial stability, allowing CGCC to be less dependent on unpredictable sources of revenue. The endowment fund’s interest is used for the area of greatest need at the college, including scholarships, college programs, capital construction and foundation operations.

If you are considering an endowment contribution, please contact Wendy Patton, CGCC Foundation Executive Director via phone or email.

CGCC Donors

“Leaving a legacy is an important part of our lives. A legacy develops from a life dedicated to self-reflection and purpose. Your philanthropy is more than just a transaction, it is an opportunity to develop and support the next generation.”

– Long-time college & community supporters