At the Columbia Gorge Community College Foundation, we believe our entire community benefits when every student has access to the tools and resources needed support success in school and in life.

The CGCC Foundation supports students by ensuring the college is a vital accessible, premiere, education resource in the Columbia Gorge. Students come from all corners of the College district and share one belief that education can change and improve their lives.

With a campus in The Dalles and Hood River, we are located in the rain shadow of Mt. Hood along the mighty Columbia in the world-renowned Columbia River Gorge.

The Foundation is a separate nonprofit organization. Community leaders generously volunteer their time, talent, and resources by serving on the board of directors. Contributions to the Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

Foundation monies are managed separately from the College. Endowed funds are invested through Arnerich Massena, with oversight by a Finance Committee appointed by the Foundation Board of Directors.

Studies Show…

More than 80% of community college students live, work, raise their families, start businesses, shop, and volunteer right where they attend college. They truly are our future!

Foundation’s Finances