The CGCC Foundation board members steer the organization towards a sustainable future by adopting sound, ethical, and legal governance, as well as making sure the foundation has adequate resources to advance its mission.

Fundraising is a major responsibility of each board member which includes provide leadership, financial support, and connection to donors and potential donors. The CGCC Foundation board of directors serve as representatives of the community.

2021-22 Board Officers

Paul Thompson, Board President, Copper West Properties, Realtor
Martha Capovilla, Vice President, Retired Administrator, Teacher and Coach
Sid Spaulding, Treasurer, Retired Community Member
Brook Harvey, Secretary, Retired Educator

2021-22 Board Directors

Martha Dell, Educator
Erica Flores, Rivermark Community Credit Union, Manager
David Griffith, Retired Business Owner
Mary Gumm, White Buffalo Wine Bar & Bistro, Owner
Erik Larson, eImpact, CEO
Patricia Ortega-Cooper, Hood River County School District, Director
Richard Stillwell, Google, Operations Manager

2021-22 Ex-Officio Board Members

Dr. Marta Cronin, CGCC President
Robin Feuerbacher, CGCC Board of Education
Jenn Kamrar, CGCC Faculty Liaison
Ryan Lawrence, CGCC Student Liaison


Wendy Patton, Executive Director



board member quote

“Helping build a stable, well-governed foundation that will attract and give confidence to donors so that their support and contributions will allow us to do what we do best—give scholarships to students…that’s where it’s at for me.”

– Paul Thompson, Board President


Consider Applying for Membership on the Foundation Board

The CGCC Foundation is always seeking professional, ethical, knowledgeable, and hard-working Board members with a passion for education and our community.

Please apply with Acrobat PDF or Google Forms.